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5 benefits of using our ABN lookup add-on for Wordpress (WPForms)

1 Oct 2019
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If you have a WordPress website, you know how essential it is to have a strong contact form plugin, such as WPForms. With WPForms, gone are the days of having to make your own applications for your website that involve advanced technical skills and tricky coding. 

While this is great for your applications, you still have to go through the submissions yourself. This can be an arduous, time-consuming process, as the responses can vary widely in terms of quality and authenticity. 

Although there are several add-ons available that can authenticate certain information for you, such as a PayPal add-on, there is no add-on that can validate an ABN within an application.

That is, until now.

Here are five major benefits of having the ABN Lookup add-on for WPForms

1. Gets rid of the work for you

Before we developed the WPForms ABN lookup add-on, if you needed to include an ABN field in an application on your website, you would have had to manually go through each individual submission. Once you found the appropriate field, you would have had to go to the ABN Lookup website and see for yourself if the submitted ABN was valid. 

Incorporating the add-on to your WPForms plugin eliminates 100% of this work, as the application will only submit if the ABN is valid.

                                        a Wordpress form doing an ABN lookup                                       
a Wordpress form doing an ABN lookup

2. Saving time saves you money

Depending on the size of your company, you could be receiving dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of applications each month. The amount of time an administrator would have to take to check thousands of ABNs would be staggering. 

By downloading the ABN add-on, you’re potentially saving precious work hours each week. Time is money, and these time savings can substantially add up in terms of dollars each year, meaning more money for your company and more time for you to focus on the work that really matters. 

3. Proven authenticity

The ABN add-on only allows applications with valid ABNs to submit the application. The add-on automatically looks up the submitted ABN using the official Australian government ABN database. Not only does this make your application form much more secure by eliminating the prospect of people trying to submit a fraudulent ABN, but it also means you’re only receiving the applications from legally verified businesses. You won’t be wasting time combing through invalid, inauthentic submissions.

A wordpress form doing an ABN lookup 

4. Automatic, real-time approvals

By only letting authenticated businesses submit applications, all applications are automatically approved. This ensures that customers aren’t left waiting on a response for approval, which could lead to them forgetting they submitted the application in the first place, or worse, drive them away from your business.

Being approved immediately lets them get on with their business with your company straight away. This could mean placing major orders within the same session they submitted the application and a huge boost in your conversion rate.

5. ABN typo-proof

Since businesses can only submit the application with a valid ABN, they wouldn’t be able to if they typed in their ABN incorrectly. If the approval-process were manual, the company may be rejected just from a simple typo. By having the ABN validated in real-time, they can double-check their number, correct it, and have their application approved all at once.

Professionals in an office reviewing the ABN lookup field for wordpress

Wrapping up

If you need to include an ABN field in an application for your WordPress website, having the ABN add-on for WPForms is essential.

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