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Who would benefit from Polished Procedures?

People that work in large organisations that manage large volumes of content. Better website processes lead to better website content.

Download your customized documents in minutes

You can have your own customized website process in minutes without spending days writing and editing your documents. With Polished Procedures, there's no need to start with a blank page.

  • Time saving

    If you work out the time it would take for you to produce your own website policy/procedure, it would likely take you hours. It takes the average person 4 minutes to complete one of our simple step-by-step form. Try a website process builder now ↗

  • Cost saving

    If you work out the time needed to create a policy or policy document yourself, Polished Procedures is a no-brainer. Let’s say it would take 9 hours spread over a couple of weeks, to build a website policy/procedure from scratch. Let’s say the average hourly rate of a digital professional is $60 per hour. The cost of creating one website procedure document would be $540.

    Multiple font and colour scheme options mean that dramatically altering the look of your site is just clicks away — Customizing your site in the included Variant Page Builder makes experimenting with styles and content arrangements dead simple.

  • Customization

    Polished Procedures asks you all the important questions in a simple, step-by-step form that you can complete in minutes. Our online tool then works it magic and creates your new document for you to download, tweak (if need be), have approved and roll out across your organization.

All the policies and procedures have already been drafted for you
Time: 30 seconds.
What you'll see: How Polished Procedures will save you valuable time.
Try a website process builder now ↗

About our services

You can use our self-service tools now. If you need these online tools to be customized for your organization (e.g. you may want branded documents, single sign-in, or your own sub-domain) then we can set up an enterprise solution for you. Contact us to ask us how we can create a customized solution for your organization.

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What drives us

Behind every good website is a good set of website processes. We understand that website processes are critical for large websites. We've made it easier for you to produce your website polices and processes quickly and without re-inventing the wheel. We're web content experts, based in Sydney Australia, that have built this tool for other web content professionals.

Inclusive websites

You can try our accessibility process builder now to see how our policy builders work.


Drastically reduce the time it takes to create all the website processes and policies you need to manage large volumes of content.


Once you download your customized documents, you can tweak them further and have them approved internally.

We're always looking for talent

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