Create personas and website processes in minutes - not hours
Professional woman in office discussing website policies and procedures


Convince your boss to approve the cost

You could copy and paste the below into an email to your boss. 

The online tools at Polished Procedures saves days worth of writing and editing new website policies and procedures. To see how, watch this 30 second video.

How a subscription will save us time and money:  

  • a membership to Polished Procedures is cheaper than our team members trying to create procedure documents from scratch
  • a membership to Polished Procedures is cheaper than engaging an external company to review and document best practice processes
  • this membership will make internal processes far more efficient
  • task overlap will be eliminated because our new documents will define 'who does what'
  • documents created by an external service will be respected far more than creating the documents in-house
  • a suite of policy and procedure documents will be invaluable for any future accreditation initiatives.



University pricing

University staff, students and NGOs can request a discount of up to 50% — conditions apply. 

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