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'The adult nervous about falling ill' persona

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Meet 'The adult nervous about falling ill', Jim

"I feel young and healthy but all of a sudden it seems we have more and more friends who are getting seriously ill – breast cancer, heart disease, blood pressure issues, knee and back issues"

Jim thinks that he and his wife are healthy for their age but believes 'you can never be too safe'.

Jim is motivated by living a long and happy life with his wife. Jim is 50, lives close to the city and works in the city. Jim is married, has no child(ren) and is often kept busy with work and cooking dinner each night.

Jim is comfortable with technology.

His wife, Nancy, is a vegitarian so more often than not he cooks vegitarian meals for the both of them.

How Acme Financial Pty Ltd can help Jim

Jim has come to Acme Financial Pty Ltd because Jim's goal is being able to travel together after retirement. Acme Financial Pty Ltd could help Jim with this goal by consolidating their financial accounts and making one strictly for travel, but one of the reasons why Jim has not yet engaged with Acme Financial Pty Ltd is belief that they shouldn't have to pay a preium because of their healthy liefstyle.


Comfort level with techology

Jim is comfortable with technology.


Spare time

On an average day, Jim has a moderate amount of spare time.


Jargon familiarity

Jim is not familiar with the industry specific terms that are used in the financial services industry.

Social media usage for Jim

Of all the time spent on social media on an average day, the distribution of time is as follows

Facebook: medium usage
Twitter: no usage
LinkedIn: high usage

Devices that Jim uses to access the Acme Financial Pty Ltd website


Desktop / laptop

Jim uses a computer to access the Acme Financial Pty Ltd website in the morning before work picks up.



Jim uses a tablet to access the Acme Financial Pty Ltd website occasionally when he goes out for lunch.


Smart phone

Jim uses a mobile to access the Acme Financial Pty Ltd website late at night before he falls asleep.

The adult nervous about falling ill
Stats for 'Jim' insert_chart
  • Life-stage: established in their career
  • Age: 50 years
  • Annual income: $51,000 - $70,000
  • Industry: marketing
  • Internet usage: once a day
  • Social media usage: active
Relationships group
  • Marital status: married
  • Children: no
Education/skills school
  • Education level: an Undergraduate degree
  • Technical level: comfortable
  • English level: native

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