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Persona template for: The adult expecting an inheritance

Save time and money by starting with this 'The adult expecting an inheritance' persona example. Learn how to make your financial services website easier to use for Jason. By putting the user first (in this case Jason), you will be creating an experience that meets Jason's expectations, supports their goals and remedies any pain points. This persona example could be used for the financial services industry.

Meet 'The adult expecting an inheritance', named Jason

"I don’t want to think about it but I suppose an inheritance is on the cards before too long. I know my parents aren’t giving it the thought it deserves so I am taking it into my own hands"

Jason is nervous to think about his parents not being around but knows that the circle of life is inevitable. He has been personally keeping track of his parents health in his free time.

This persona is motivated by upholding his professional reputation. This persona is 49, lives close to the city and works in the city. Jason is married, has 3 children and is often kept busy with work and visiting his parents.

People like Jason are very comfortable with technology.

Sense Jason is practically on call for his work he does not have time to plan out investment strategies himself.

How Acme Financial Pty Ltd can help Jason

Jason has come to Acme Financial Pty Ltd because Jason's problem is he doesn't understand why investing is better than saving. Acme Financial Pty Ltd could help Jason with this problem by laying out the pro & cons of the different ways to invest, but one of the reasons why Jason has not yet engaged with Acme Financial Pty Ltd is he has only been saving his money so far and not thought about investing it.


Comfort level with technology

Jason is very comfortable with technology.


Spare time

On an average day, Jason has a moderate amount of spare time.


Jargon familiarity

Jason is not familiar with the industry specific terms that are used in the financial services industry.

Social media usage for Jason

Of all the time spent on social media on an average day, the distribution of time is as follows:

Facebook: very low usage
Twitter: low usage

Devices that Jason uses to access the Acme Financial Pty Ltd website


Desktop / laptop

Jason uses a computer to access the Acme Financial Pty Ltd website while he has openings at work.



Jason uses a tablet to access the Acme Financial Pty Ltd website when he is over at his parents place.


Smart phone

Jason uses a mobile to access the Acme Financial Pty Ltd website while taking the bus to work.

The adult expecting an inheritance
Stats for 'Jason' insert_chart
  • Life-stage: preparing a last will and testament
  • Age: 49 years
  • Annual income: $2m - $5m
  • Industry: pharmaceutical
  • Internet usage: many times a day
  • Social media usage: not active
Relationships group
  • Marital status: married
  • Children: 3
Education/skills school
  • Education level: a PhD
  • Technical level: very comfortable
  • English level: native

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