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Persona template for a financial services website, Shelby

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Meet 'The grandma leaving an inheritance', Shelby

"I always wanted to leave the kids with some money when I pass but I don’t know how to go about setting that up"

Shelby wants to be able to leave some money to her children but doesn't think she has saved enough to do so.

Shelby is motivated by making an impact on her children's lifestyles. Shelby is 69, and lives in a rural area . Shelby is widowed, has 2 children and is often kept busy with talking with her children/grandchildren.

Shelby is not comfortable with technology.

When her parents passed away they did not have a valid will set up so majority of their assets were never passed down.

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Social media usage for Shelby

Of all the time spent on social media on an average day, the distribution of time is as follows:

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The grandma leaving an inheritance
Stats for 'Shelby' insert_chart
  • Life-stage: preparing a last will and testament
  • Age: 69 years
  • Annual income: $6,000 - $10,000
  • Internet usage: once a week
  • Social media usage: active
Relationships group
  • Marital status: widowed
  • Children: 2
Education/skills school
  • Education level: a Certificate
  • Technical level: not comfortable
  • English level: conversational

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